Kind Soil Allows your plant to feed as it chooses, drink fresh clean water as it chooses, all while never experiencing burns or growth issues from chemical feeding. Kind Soil Produces large dense flowers soaked in trichromes. When our system is setup as designed it gives the plant a “clean water zone”, which is the base media area of your grow container. This area allows the roots to get clean water every time you moisten the media. Should the plant choose to uptake just water it can do so without having to uptake nutrients/food.  The Kind Soil area is where your rooting system sits and feeds as your plant chooses to. 
The plants are never up-taking or being force-fed nutrients they do not require or will not use. Your plants eat as they choose, stopping chemical burn or overfeeding issues. Your plant will always have the nutrients it needs and the ability to drink fresh clean water as it requires.

 We recommend Root Trapper II grow pots for the absolute best grow results. The Root Trapper II pots not only allow the soil to properly breath they aid in leeching less humidity than fabric pots, they give added insulation to your root zone and they do not leak all over when you water like basic fabric pots do. 

There's no extra nutrients, additives or extra boosters you will need with our system! Everything your medical grow will need from vegetative start to harvest day is in Kind Soil.

Our only obligation is to you the grower! We want provide the best, cheapest and simplest product your money can buy, all without ever compromising your flowers quality and production.

 Our system brings out flavors, smells and potency you never knew your plant had! 

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