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Our system is very simple and easy as long as your following our directions. The following are the main issues we run into with growers: 

Overwatering or watering to run off: Do not water to run off at any point and time, lightly water your plant cup by cup until you can feel or see the media is decently moist. There is no reason to soak or over water your soil as the media will always wick up the moisture when properly watered. YOU WILL water less often with our system,  generally growers water once every 5-7 days when using Kind Soil. That watering schedule may shrink to once every 3-5 days once the plant becomes larger and established. Please understand there is no set amount or time we can give you for watering: Day temps, night temps, base media choice, humidity, grow pot style, lighting, air movement, all these and more will come into play with how long your moisture stays in the grow pots. Make sure your allowing the entire pot to properly dry before each watering not just the top few inches but all the way down to the base where the Kind Soil sits. A good trick to getting the hang of proper watering is weighing the grow pots on a digital kitchen scale when you first make them up. Mark that "dry" weight on the pot or keep track of it somewhere so you know how much each pot weighs when they are in a "dry"state. That way when you go down to re-water the plants you can place the pots back on the digital scale and see how close they are to the original dry weight. Once your weight is nearing the original dry weight you can re-water.  Doing that a few times will start giving you an idea of how fast and often the plants/pots are using/shedding water. 

Incorrect water PH: This is so vital, you must have a quality WATER PH meter and you must be monitoring your water PH all the time. THE OPTIMAL WAY TO RUN OUR SOIL is with a water source that has a natural PH of 7.0 down to 6.3.  If your water has a PH between 6.3-7.0 do not adjust the PH,  just simply water your plant. If your PH is out of that range you must ph adjust your water. You cannot use liquid PH up and down products, you must use citric acid crystals or Potassium bicarbonate Earth Juice Naturals makes a very good PH up and down that we recommend. If you have to PH adjust just get the water in the 6.5-7.0 range you do not have to be exact with it as long as your not going above or below the 6.5-7.0 range. We also do not recommend RO water carbon filtered water is all thats needed RO water is a waste all around and really isn't needed. If you do not  have a quality water source, distilled or filtered bottle water will work as well. AGAIN make certain the PH is in the proper range. 

Adding ANYTHING other than water: This happens a lot, growers get impatient and that feel they can "BOOST" the grow or simply don't trust in our system. Our system works exactly as we state Adding anything to your water or grow pots will just slow and hinder your growth. It can cause low production rates, slow growth, PH swings or even just cause the plant to lock out and die from overfeeding. Our system is designed to be a water only system from veg to harvest, DO NOT ADD ANYTHING other than carbon filtered water (PH adjusted if needed) to your grow. Patience is key, your plant will grow vigorously and produce proper flowers as long as you allow the soil to work for you. 

Cold soil: Most growers never monitor night temps the worry is more with keeping the room cool however, when your growing with our soil you should be keeping your room at 65 degrees minimum through the night. Your micro life slows when temps drop and it takes a lot of time and energy to "re-heat" the soil in the morning and throughout the day. Keeping the night temps up allows the soil to work harder for your plants. It also helps with drying the media out properly between waterings. 

When our system is setup as designed it gives the plant a “clean water zone”, which is the base media area of your grow container. This area allows the roots to get clean water every time you moisten the media, should the plant choose to uptake just water it can do so without having to uptake nutrients/food along with it.  The Kind Soil portion of the grow pot is where your rooting system sits and feeds as your plant chooses to. The plants are never up-taking or fed nutrients they do not require/will not use.  Your plant will always have the nutrients it needs and the ability to drink fresh clean water as it requires, eliminating chemical burns or build up issues. 

 We recommend Root Trapper II grow pots for the absolute best grow results. The Root Trapper II pots not only allow the soil to properly breath they aid in leeching less humidity than fabric pots, they give added insulation to your root zone and they do not leak all over when you water like basic fabric pots do. 

There's no extra nutrients, additives or extra boosters you will need with our system! Everything your medical grow will need from vegetative start to harvest day is in Kind Soil.

Our only obligation is to you the grower! We want provide the best & simplest product your money can buy, all without ever compromising your flowers quality and production.

 Our system brings out flavors, smells and potency you never knew your plant had! 

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