Humidity control

T5 Lights for Veg


Room/Tent heating 

Hanna PH meter

We use these meters, they read the PH fast (very little wait time to get a stable reading), you can replace the wand if its ever needed it also stays calibrated for a descent time. 


We always suggest buying large humidifiers. Small ones will consistently run and produce a lot of heat in the room. The larger the unit the faster it removes humidity 50 Pints is the smallest we  recommend. 

PH Up & Down 

The below products are all items we recommend having to ensure you have a successful grow. These products are not sold by or through Kind Soil, Its a vendor through amazon. We do not support or back these sellers, they are recommendations only! If you do not feel comfortable buying from them please locate a different seller. We are not liable for any purchases made through these sellers! 

Blue Lab PH Pen 

This is pen is a widely used and recommended PH pen, we know many growers that use and recommend it.

Infrared Heater 

infrared heaters heat the room evenly from top to bottom instead of just the surrounding air. Infrareds also heat objects in the room like grow pots. We don't use this specific model however we do recommend looking into infrared heat if your require night heating. 

Small Boy water filter 1GPM

This is a very simple and effective filter system that does everything you need for Kind Soil grows. There are other size options but this generally is more than enough for the majority of growers.